The Tapdex Environment is the processing hub that connects the smart packaging environment with the rest of the enterprise.

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud or yours. Standard, white-label, or custom solution. Supply-chain, marketing, or smart-packaging integration.

The Tapdex Environment is built for contemporary, cloud, elastic-scale, secure, and open, operations and integration.

Tapdex Environment

Tracking individual products as opposed to SKUs is a unique concept created by the concept of serialized product markers. The opportunities presented by the technology are limitless, but most existing ERP and CRM platforms do not have the appropriate structures to measure and report that way. The Tapdex environment is anchored by the Tapdex Digital ID and includes Tapdex Modules and Tapdex Agents.

The Future of Information

The future of information with connected products is changing constantly. Our system is designed to integrate the best of new products and new thought processes from any source.

We partner with exciting new technology partners as well as a variety of consulting organizations to provide the latest solutions in authentication, track and trace, business intelligence and more. The Tapdex Environment is the perfect platform to build a best of breed solution over time.

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An estimated $1.77 trillion was lost to counterfeit and pirated goods globally in 2015.

International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)