A Hand to Brand™ connection engages the customer to create the Digital Customer Audit™ of your supply chain. A tap from a smartphone unlocks the data brands are seeking.

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Start now with appropriate content and grow over time. A future with a full complement of connected products at retail is conceivable, but any brand can begin the Hand to Brand™ journey today. The Hand To Brand™ Maturity Model offers brands a chance to begin the journey today and start collecting valuable information that can inform each successive step.

The end goals will be different for each brand, but potential returns for achieving any step can be significant. Get started today and see what your Hand to Brand™ journey looks like.

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The Hand to Brand™ Methodology provides a continuum of customer interaction through 5 levels starting with Basic Digital through our most advanced level of Predict. Depending on budget and sophistication, a brand can begin with entry level experiences to get to Know their customers. The journey then leads through increasingly more involved interactions that lead to brand protection and track and trace concepts through the Understand and Partner levels.

The ultimate level is Predict where customer connection leads to maximum information flow allowing brands to predict demand and customer behavior offering customers better information and increased satisfaction.


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Through our Tapwow Touchless Platform we can deliver a wide range of pre-configured experiences that are easy to implement and deliver.

World class analytics make these the perfect solution for businesses to get going or as a basis for custom and semi-custom solutions to get the results brands are looking for.

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Marathon Not a Sprint

Each step makes the next one clearer with feedback. The key is the ability to adjust the deliverables through DIRX2. Our world class Business Intelligence tools provide exciting feedback that allow brands to assess success via KPIs and continuously adjust campaigns and content for better results.

Partners can use the lessons from Hand to Brand™ with any sized business from a local retailer to a global brand.

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The global anti-counterfeit packaging market size is projected to grow from USD 106.3 billion in 2020 to USD 188.2 billion by 2025.

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