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A Smart Partner

In the truest sense of the word, Tapwow is your smart packaging partner. Our company and products were designed and built to support our partners in delivering the latest in smart packaging and connected products solutions for your customers.

From consulting and sales support to implementation expertise, Tapwow stands with you to deliver the latest in connected products solutions today and in the future. With Tapwow your business moves to the forefront of smart packaging with a partner dedicated to keeping you on the cutting edge of smart solutions technology.

The Open Solution

The future of smart packaging will encompass the best providers from packaging, technology, creative and other disciplines to deliver a comprehensive solution. At Tapwow, we bring the best providers together to guarantee that brands get a cohesive implementation that makes the most of their existing infrastructure investments.

The DIRX2 platform from Tapwow sits at the center of an open solution that partners can license for specific projects or in white label or OEM relationships to give them more control over pricing and deliverables for their customers.

A Software Partner

At Tapwow, we are smart connection specialists taking the latest in smart marker technology like QR Codes, NFC and RFID and connecting it to customer engagement and your supply chain.

If your company has products in market that offer part of the solution, we can partner with you to create a touchless smart connection to your existing authentication, engagement or business solutions.

Don't wait for tomorrow to make your company a smart solutions provider.

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Our Partners

The global NFC market is expected to reach over $47 billion by 2024.

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