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Michael Sher linkedin_icon


Michael has worked in the NFC space for a decade with successful implementations for both larger and small companies in a variety of verticals. With 30 years of experience in both large companies and startups, Michael is an NFC evangelist dedicated to developing the Hand to Brand experience for your company.

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Jeffrey McDowell linkedin_icon


Jeff brings 30 years of technology implementation experience with large and small companies. He has founded companies in both the software and services space with specific experience in ERP. Jeff believes NFC will be the catalyst for an exciting new era of software tied to on-product connections.

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Ted V. Kremer linkedin_icon


Ted has led technical and development staffs for many companies throughout his 35 year career. He believes in the power of technology applied to business solutions and is designing the products at Tapwow to meet the needs of varied customer base. Ted sees the value of the data provided from Hand to Brand connections and has helped build DIRX2 to unlock that value for Tapwow customers.