A smartphone connection directly to your customer via a smart marker brings Customer Engagement to any brand, yielding Supply Chain Insights throughout the smart packaging journey.

Now is the Time to Start

In the future, on product markers will be a given whether it is NFC, serialized QR codes or something new. Brands that wait for a particular technology to "win" will miss out on what can be learned now. DIRX2 from Tapwow is an open platform that allows brands to get started now and be ready for whatever technology comes next week, next month or next year. Whether you are considering a regional in market proof-of-concept or a full product line international roll out, DIRX2 has the power and flexibility to deliver results.

open environment

Connected Products and Smart Packaging

Connected products and smart packaging are a chance for any digital agency, packager, consulting company or technology partner to add value for their customers. DIRX2 is flexible and powerful and the Tapwow ecosystem integrates partner solutions and skills to deliver real value whether in customer connection or full supply chain integration.

customer engagement

Brands get the benefits of supply chain visibility only when they engage the customer. The Digital Customer Audit™ provided by the customer closes the loop on your supply chain and surfaces the important information your marketing and supply chain teams need. Without customer engagement, brands do not get the visibility they need.


1.6 billion NFC enabled devices and $47 billion NFC market value by 2024.

ABI Research, April 2019