Jeff McDowell

Engagement, Authentication & Stock Management in Retail Tools

A major Asian tool company was interested in promoting replacement blades for their saws by engaging...

July 29, 2023
Jeff McDowell

Consumer Engagement in Bars with Luxury Spirits

A luxury spirits vendor was interested in communicating with high end customers in more exclusive clubs...

July 11, 2023
Michael Sher

NFC vs QR Code

What is the Best Activator for Your Smart Packaging Project? So it is time to start...

July 5, 2023
Jeff McDowell

Brand Education for Microbrew Distributor

A California-based beer delivery service was looking for an innovative way to educate customers and differentiate...

July 1, 2023
Jeff McDowell

Field Service Operations using NFC

A leading provider of compressed gases was interested in improving field service operations using NFC Tags...

June 8, 2023
Jeff McDowell

Personalized Recommendation for Beauty Products at Retail and in the Home

A recognized international beauty brand believed better product education would lead to increased sales and satisfaction....

June 3, 2023
Jeff McDowell

Promoting Sustainability by Tracking Use of Shipping Materials

An international machining wanted to pursue better sustainability by tracking packaging through the supply chain using...

May 24, 2023